about us

We are living the the digital age of communication. Live. Streaming is now the fastest, most authentic way to reach and audience; with Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin all o ering a live stream platform. The business implications are wide reaching and very e ective. In 2018, Beyond Perspective Media House introduced professional multi-camera live streaming to the Qatari market, and we are proud to see the technology being integrated in events, global conferences and in education. We have also developed advanced technology in live, virtual, 3D events; where we draw from scratch a stage and venue in a 3D world, and incorporate the presenters and host that we film in our in house greenscreen studio. Beyond Perspective o ers live, virtual, or hybrid livestreaming services in; Business events, Conferences, Seminars, Concerts, Sports and Education

To deliver the highest quality of media solutions and introduce new technologies to our growing clients while expanding our expertise and services as we continually connect people in the virtual world.

We aspire to be recognized as one of the pioneers and leading provider of media solutions and new technologies in the fields of education, business, sports and government here in Qatar and abroad.

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